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Beginning In 1988, with the purchase of a new MacGregor 26 Classic, I began to learn about sailing, packing and stowing for a cruise, planning sailing vacations, and racing, sometimes learning the hard way without instruction or great web sites to read (remember those days?).  My love of the water has continued on a wide variety of different boats, from cruisers to Grand Prix race boats, including a Newport 30/33, Screamer 12 Meter, Schock 35, MacGregor 36 cat, Lagoon 47 cat,  MacGregor 21, MacGregor 19,  MacGregor 26X, MacGregor 26M, and even the big MacGregor 65 and MacGregor 70 Ketch rig!  Every one of those boats sails differently, and can go different places, but all have been tons of fun and a great learning experience.  From stowing gear on board to outfitting, clothing, or choosing the right sail and learning how to trim that sail efficiently, my goal is to use my extensive sailing knowledge to make your time on your new boat fun, relaxing and safe.  Should you have a question about the purchase of that new boat, I can help there too!

Over 50% of our owners are women!  While there are many places to learn about sailing, few are dedicated to new women sail boat owners, and fewer still are written by a woman who remembers what it's like to be new to this sport!  Sailing is great fun, relaxing, and a sport that you can learn and grow with for many years.  Women need to have a place they can feel comfortable asking questions, and where they will get intelligent supportive answers.  Whether you are brand new to boating or just trying your hand at racing, my goal is to provide answers that are straightforward and easy to understand no matter how simple or complicated the question.

Topics will be Safety, Planning, Equipping, Beginning Sailing, Advanced Sailing (including Spinnaker Handling), and Docking and Line Handling.  One of my favorite topics will be areas to cruise in the San Juan Islands, a subject I have lot's of experience with. 

I encourage my readers to please send me your questions, everyone has at least one!  I will highlight interesting questions  (without any names), that I feel will be of interest to others.  Send your questions to cheryl@bwyachts.com