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One Boat, 3 Choices,

Choose To Have More Fun!!

#1. Choose 20+ MPH Under Power

#2. Choose Great Sailing Performance,

#3. Choose To Trailer To New Destinations

MacGregor 26M Interior Views

Macgregor 26M Specifications 

The MacGregor 26M is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats. It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. You donít need an expensive mooring. It can be stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp, and rigged in just minutes. 

On the trailer at highway speeds,  you can visit great places that water-bound boats will never see, and you can avoid the expense of in the water storage.   

The MacGregor 26M offers high speed powering without compromising sailing performance.  You can have the peace and quiet of sailing, or the fun of powering economically at up to 24MPH with a 70HP outboard (70hp engines are allowed on the 26M ONLY if installed by an authorized MacGregor dealer, we are one of the few authorized to do so).   Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety--sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing or just fooling around on the water.   Its high speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat.  

You can live on this boat on land or on the water.  Launch the boat, anchor in a quiet cove, and you can be as far away  from the world as you want to be. You can have your own island, for free, at some of the most beautiful vacation areas on earth.    Unlike land bound recreation vehicles, you will not be limited to crowded and expensive RV parks.  You will never tire of the wonderful sensation of shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail

MacGregor has already delivered over 2,500 26M's, and over 38,000 sailboats. They have been thoroughly proven over millions of hours of sailing. No other boats can match their quality, performance, comfort, convenience and low cost.

We have been MacGregor's largest dealer over the past 22 years.  Buyers from all over North America look for boats rigged by Blue Water Yachts, we will outfit your new boat with the RIGHT equipment for your skill level and location, from beginner to advanced, from lake sailing to coastal ocean sailing.

Come see for yourself, schedule a free demonstration sail on Lake Union today.

The price is low, the trailer is your mooring....and the wind is free.

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