Some of you may wonder just what will you do with your new boat, and lots of you may have questions about sailing.  Is it hard to learn to sail, is it a lot of work, is it scary?  We also get many questions asking where to go and what to do, a little help and advice goes a long way.  We love to assist in this department, the fun department!  By attending our seminars and Rendezvous you will 1) find fun and new places to go 2) learn things to do and 3) learn what sailing tips.  You will make new friends and make plans to go new places with them!  Your MacGregor will become a new lifestyle, a healthy active lifestyle.

The BWY MacGregor Owners Rendezvous is held once a year, normally the end of June.  It is a 4 day long event loaded with learning, music, food and fun!  Normally attended by over 100 people and about 50 MacGregor boats.  We change locations throughout the NW to give you a chance to visit more places.  New owners can benefit from the more experienced owners at our rendezvous and other events.  By visiting with each other and talking about sailing you will continue to grow and gain confidence.  Our most experienced owners even do slide show presentations at the rendezvous of their big vacations to places like Mexico, Alaska, and Bahamas.  The possibilities are endless, where will your MacGregor take you?

Cruising locations for your new 26M are so many and varied that it would take months to talk about all of them, and a lifetime to explore them all.  My favorite would be the San Juan Islands in the Pacific NW.  One of the best places to launch is in Anacortes, right where our Rendezvous is this year!  From there plan to head to Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, or any of the beautiful State Marine Parks close by!

Because it is so easy to trailer, the MacGregor allows you to explore inland lakes and rivers, or trailer to exotic locations like Florida (and then on to the Bahamas), the Sea of Cortes, or Catalina Island. The wind is Free, go where your imagination allows!

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