The BWY Owners Corner is a new feature for our web site, this will give us an additional way to help out our owners.  As time goes on we plan to steadily add new and additional information to this section.  We will be providing information on sailing, maintaining, cruising, and generally having fun with your MacGregor.

Due to the incredible versatility of the 26M, we have an extremely varied group of owners, people of all ages and from all walks of life have found this boat to be right for them.  Our owners range from young adults to retired people.  They are single, couples and families, all sharing the fun of the MacGregor boating lifestyle.  Common to everyone is a desire to sail, motor to destinations quickly, and own a comfortable and pretty boat while saving money!  These pages are dedicated to helping all of yo have more fun on the water.

When you purchase your boat from us you will be given enough lessons that you will feel confident to be able to use your boat the first time.  There is a lot to learn, but it’s easy once someone has taken the time to help you learn it.  This is your forum for continuing education.

We have received many Thank-You cards over the years.  In the future we will be putting these cards here for others to read.


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