Do the changes you have made slow the boat down under power?

Yes, we do loose a little speed due to the drag of the keel bulb hanging below the hull, the Pearl is 2-3 MPH slower than a stock boat with the same power.  

We usually cruise about 16 MPH, and I would expect more like 19 with a fully equipped but lightly loaded stock boat and a 70HP engine.  Top speed is off by about the same amount, about 22 MPH instead of about 24-25 on a stock boat.  

Initially we decided to run a Tohatsu 70 TLDI engine rather than the Suzuki 4 stroke we usually use to save weight as it was about 45# lighter.  We later changed the engine to a Suzuki 70 because even the new technology 2 stroke engines (Tohatsu TLDI and Evinrude etec) are still so much noisier than the Suzuki that the weight saving wasn’t worth it.

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